Monday, April 18, 2011

My awesome weekend

So, this past weekend was my friend, Nikki's, birthday.  Three of us made plans to head out together saturday in Grand Haven for the citywide blues festival going on.  We started out at a place called Kirby's, where we settled in for happy hour.  $1.99 can you go wrong?  Well, very easily with those prices, let me tell you!  We had a few there and also ordered a pizza as a snack.  After the band started, and we realized it wasn't really blues music, we moved on to a new brewery pub across the street.  I can't remember the name of it, but they had some very interesting beer.  I was feeling like I needed a small break so I ordered just a plain rootbeer.  The band was great there, so we stuck around until their break.  We decided that we should have dinner so we walked to Portobello's and had a yummy dinner, with dessert.  I had the chicken marsala and thought it was pretty good.  Peanut butter pie for dessert! After dinner we moved to The Grand, which is a lobby of an old movie theater.  The band there was amazing and we stayed here for awhile.  My friend Nikki, who's birthday weeekend it was, had about nine martinis throughout the night.  I think I only had 5 over an eight hour span.  Not too bad I dont think. 

Angie, Nikki and I always have a blast when we get together and this time was no exception.  The laughs we shared cannot be compared to anything else.  There is always something that makes our day and ends up being our catch phrase for that weekend.  One time it was a guy driving like a mad man, down a one way street backwards.  That was a classic laughing fit that we couldn't stop for hours afterwards.  (VVRRROOOOMMM).  Just seeing that word can have me giggling for a few minutes.  Then there was the magic car ride, with Randy and Angie.  That was another classic night.  Now we have "dude, where's my car?".  For some reason we couldn't find Angie's car.  It's a new car and we just couldn't find it.  We finally find it, get in, and start on our way home.  We're driving though the city and all of a sudden I realize that we just went through a red light, with Angie driving.  I casually asked her if she realized that was a red light.  She paused, looked at me, and started to laugh.  That just set us off again.  I haven't laughed that hard in months! 

What I have come to realize is that if you have a couple friends you can completely let your guard down with and enjoy completely, then you are absolutely blessed!  I thank God everyday for the people in my life, and these two girls are on the top of my list!  They may live far away but I know if I needed them they would be there! 

Thank you ladies, for a fabulous weekend!  Let's do it again sometime soon!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

wow, its been a long time

Wow, I have not posted anything in a very long time.  I just haven't had a lot to say I suppose.

 I've been dealing with a lot of emotional stuff with Emily lately.  She claims no one will talk to her at school and her grades are dropping.  Report Cards come out this week, so we will see just how low they have dropped.  I just know the mistakes I see coming home are careless mistakes.  It's frustrating.  I actually had her talk to a therapist last night, a friend of the family that she knows, and I think it helped.  She told her a lot of the same things and the therapist told her exactly what I had been saying.  As frustrating as that is, I know hearing it from someone else is always the key.  I also found out that she trusts me and is comfortable telling me everything.  That was really good to hear! 

On a funnier note...we played an April Fool's Day joke on Emily's swim coach last Friday.  We went up to him at the beginning of practice and told him it was going to be Emily's last day of swimming.  We said that she just was losing interest and didnt' want to swim anymore.  He looked devastated and didn't know what to say.  Then Emily broke out in a smile and yelled "April Fools"!!!  He started laughing really hard and starting whipping pull boys at her.  It was hysterical!  I'm usually not good at those kind of jokes but I did pretty well this time :)

I had my flute recital with Aaron Kalenieki on Sunday afternoon.  I think it went really well, actually.  We didn't spend a lot of time planning it and only ran each piece twice but overall I think it went great.  The problem I had was that it was just very warm in the church and so my lip kept sweating.  When that happens it is really hard to keep my lip centered on the lip plate and that results in fuzzy tone.  I think I kept it at bay for the most part but it is making me think about how I can fix this problem, because it seems to be getting worse and is happening more often. 

I suppose that's enough for now.  I'll be back! :)