Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 toughts

I have been watching videos on youtube of the actual footage again.  Wow!   The memories just come rushing back like it was yesterday.  I instantly get tears in my eyes and can recall every emotion and thought I had going through my head.  I am just as horrified today as I was ten years ago!
Today, while watching these videos, Emily wandered over and asked what I was watching.  I restarted the video so she could watch what I saw ten years ago while she was nestled safely in my belly waiting to be born.  She asked why the newscasters were so confused.  I told her we all were.  No one really knew what was going on until that second plane hit.  I told her how I remember lying in bed, having just woke up, and thought to myself "here we go again, an irresponsible pilot".  Then I saw the second plane and I remember having a hard time breathing.  It was as if my lungs had stopped working.  Emily asked a lot of questions about my emotions and why I was tearing up as I talked to her.  I told her it was something she could never understand completely, but that I wanted her to know about it and never forget what she saw in that video today. 

I do know that I have some friends who believe it was a conspiracy and that the government had a hand in helping the towers fall.  I've watched the footage and I've listened to the arguments.  I, personally, don't believe it but I think it's more of a "letting it go" feeling then anything.  The men and women who died that day do not need their memories tainted by talks of conspiracy.  They need us to understand what their families have gone through without them and pray for them.  That's what they need.  Everyone is going to believe what they want to believe, even that the moon landing was fabricated.  That is why our country is so great.  We have the right to believe what we want to believe.

I feel some of the bravest people I know are firemen, policemen and military folk.  They put their lives on the line everyday to keep me safe, whether it's rescuing a person who calls 911  or pulling over a car for speeding.  It is all for us.  I thank you for your service to me and my fellow Americans!  Thank you for your tireless work and your protection for my freedoms! 

As I look at the pictures and videos from ten years ago, with adult eyes now, I still feel the same.  I find my breath caught in my lungs and tears rolling down my cheek.  I am not naive enough to believe it will never happen again.  I know better then that.  I just hope that when it does happen, it is nowhere near any of my friends and loved ones!  I hope that something gets found out in time so that everyone gets out safely.  I pray that God has mercy on the innocent.

As I close out this blog tonight, may I just say three strong words.........


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school

The day has finally come.  The kids step on the bus and the house goes quiet!  I was looking forward to this day for about a month now, since the craziness of having the kids with me 24/7 was really getting to me.  However, after being without them for a couple hours I started to miss them.  Crazy huh? 

While driving home from Target I started remembering the summer and all we did.  Pretty fun times really!  The first part of the summer was all about swimming, swimming and more swimming.  Both kids were participating in Trenton Swim Club this summer and did amazing!  Chris was one of the top "8 and unders" on the team and Emily was one of the top "10 and unders".   We racked up a lot of medals and ribbons between the two of them.  In fact, Emily won a gold and two silvers at the state swim meet! 

Our main vacation this summer was to Traverse City with the four of us, and Pokegan with the Herman family.  It was such a great time!  We did Go Karts, wine tasting, lighthouse looking, sight seeing, and eating! 

We saw pretty much any movie that came out for kids and ate tons of popcorn, movie and homemade. 

The only bummer for me was my back issues.  I feel like, looking back, I didn't give them the best summer they could have had because of my limitations.  We only went to the zoo once, instead of multiple times as before.  We didn't go bowling, or take any walks.  I was just so busy trying to recuperate that I couldn't do much else.  I will always feel badly about that. 

Overall, I think we had a pretty decent summer and I found myself a little bit sad that it had ended today.  Having the kids back in school, with structure and friends.....its what they need. 

And so the new school  year begins.  I wish all the teachers and students out there the best year ever!  May the grades be good, the students want to learn and the parents be able to keep up with the activities! 

Happy School Year Everyone!!!